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Willows School Walks 1964 to 1966

1964 to 1966

The period from 1964 to 1969 was the busiest time for Frank's record keeping and there are so many reports and photographs that we have split it into two categories. This one begins with the new school term in September 1964 and runs until the end of 1966. Most of the photographs taken during this period have been linked to individual walks apart from a few in 1964, which are used to fill gaps.

Williows Walks 1964 to 1966

12th September 1964

Seal RocksSeal Rocks

With the start of a new school year I will make another effort to maintain a written record of our rambling activities.

The members listed assembled at Marple Station at about 9am to catch the 9.20 train to Edale. Route from Edale, part way up Grindsbrook, then sharp right up a clough and over the ridge to Seal Rocks. Then along Seal Edge, The Edge and Kinder Edge to the head of William Clough. Then into Hayfield via William Clough and near Kinder Reservoir.

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19th September 1964

Night RambleNight Ramble

Assembled at Marple Station to catch the 10.12pm train to Edale. The weather was threatening, with much large broken cloud and some rain; a bright moon broke through occasionally. Had doubts about the advisability of the expedition on account of the weather prospects, but in view of the good turnout had little choice but to press on and hope for improvement.

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10th October 1964

Expedition to TeesdaleExpedition to Teesdale

Started from Marple just after 8am, picking up the Astley contingent at points in Hyde. After a long journey (it was not a very fast bus) we arrived at the dropping point at about 1.30pm.

We found a route over the river Tees via a neat suspension bridge, then proceeded along the pleasant south bank to High Force. Unfortunately there was little water in the river so the falls lacked their usual impressiveness. However the wildness of the gorge from the south side is always worth a visit.

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24th October 1964

Night ExpeditionNight Expedition

We went to Edale but, because it was too misty, we went up and then dropped down on to the road leading to Jacob's ladder, then walked towards the Ladder and up it. Edale Cross was aimed for and then Kinder Reservoir. When we reached the dam road we got on the path leading to Hayfield but turned off it for Marple. As it was too early, the Astley Grammar girls stayed with us until Marple.

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15th November 1964

Miller's Dale CircularMiller’s Dale Circular

Group assembled at Marple Station to meet the 9.15am train. This was late. Arrived Chinley before 10am, but had a wait of nearly an hour for the Millers Dale train. Eventually reached Millers Dale at about 11.30am.

Followed usual route along Millers Dale, keeping to the valley (ie not on the hill path). The path was partially flooded owing to the raising of the dam - this has improved the valley generally. Crossed over the bridge near the head of Monsal Dale to avoid unnecessary road walking and stopped at Monsal Dale Weir for lunch.

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16th January 1965

Edale CircularEdale Circular

Planned route: Edale circular, ie Hayfield, Mount Famine, South Head, near Edale Cross, Kinder Downfall, Kinder Brook, Res'r, Hayfield.

Members were warned on Friday not to turn up at the station if the weather forecast was bad. It was bad; gales, rain and sleet were promised. At arranged assembly time (9.15am) the members listed were at the station. They were very reluctant to accept cancellation and so it was decided to ‘have a go'.

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