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Willows School Holidays

Willows School Summer Walking Holidays

For an amazing 17 years Frank Mason led parties of school children from the "Willows" on annual walking holidays to Youth Hostels in the Lake District, Wales, Scotland and the Isle of Arran. This section features Frank's written reports and photographs taken during these adventures. During the latter years Frank recorded the holidays on cine film and we hope to be able to expand the web site to include extracts from these 'movies' in the future.

Willows School Holidays

1958 - First Willows School YHA Holiday (Lake District)

Lake District 1958Lake District 1958

On Saturday 31st May 1958 forty-nine pupils and three adults departed from Marple to the Lake District by train for the very first Willows School YHA holiday. For this 7 day trip a very comprehensive written daily diary was kept but no corresponding photos have been discovered. The record of the visit to the Lake District in 1959 was purely photographic, so a few images from 1959 have been included here to break-up the text. For all 1959 photos see the record for that year.

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