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Willows School Walks 1961 to 1962

1961 to 1962 (and photos from 1963)

Frank re-commenced his written reports in October 1961, expressing his regret for the missing records. This category covers the reports from books III & IV from this point onwards until May 1962. No records have been found covering 1963, although photos were taken and they are used throughout the reports to fill gaps where there are no photos.

Williows Walks 1961 to 1963

26th October 1961

Five Dales to Millers DaleFive Dales to Millers Dale

From the date of the last entry until the present date, an endeavour has been made to record our activities with colour slides. A very good collection of slides, covering holidays in the Lake District (1959), Scotland (1960) and the Isle of Arran (1961), in addition to numerous local expeditions, an assent of Snowdon via Crib Goch, and a clamber over Helvellyn and Striding Edge, have been acquired.

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19th November 1961


This expedition was somewhat ‘haywire' from the start. The original plan was to travel by bus from Marple to Glossop and then walk the route: Glossop - Doctor's Gate - Featherbed Moss - up the cliff from Head of Ashop Clough - around the Edge of Kinder to the Downfall - near Edale Cross, along the moorland track to South Head and Mount Famine and so into Hayfield.

Having published this route at school and also the bus times, it was discovered that the bus was a ‘not on Saturday'. It was then necessary to send round a message to inform members that the route was reversed and to give the train times from Marple Station to Hayfield.

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10th December 1961

Doctor's Gate & Ashop CloughDoctor's Gate & Ashop Clough

For this expedition it was decided to attempt the route originally planned for the previous walk. About a dozen of us boarded the bus at either the Navigation or at Marple Bridge, and arrived in Glossop at 10am.

From Glossop we crossed the park and set out along the lengthy valley to Doctor's Gate. Snow had fallen a few days earlier and, although it had thawed at Marple, there was still plenty about at Glossop and beyond. On the long haul up to Doctor's Gate there was much fun snowballing - speed of advance was slow.

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27th December 1961

Edale, Grindsbrook & KinderEdale, Grindsbrook & Kinder

This expedition was by request of several youngsters who're unable to join the usual Saturday rambles. The route, an old favourite which has not been covered for some six months or so, was from Edale, Grindsbrook, Kinder Plateau, Kinder Downfall, Kinder Reservoir, Hayfield.

Twenty-four members assembled at Marple Station, including four adults. The weather was dry but very cold with snow lying on high ground.

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3rd February 1962

Mam TorMam Tor

The plot on this ramble was to walk from Edale Station, over Mam Tor, alongside Winnets Pass, then across the moors to Peak Forest, then along the dry dales, but leaving the main path about two miles before reaching Millers Dale and climbing over the hills and into Chee Dale, which was to be followed to Millers Dale Station.

In fact the plan did not work out. About twenty four folk assembled at Marple Station and set course for Edale. The weather was threatening at the start and by the time the summit of Mam Tor was reached we were in cloud, a strong wind was blowing and the rain was icy - most uncomfortable.

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24th February 1962

Buxton to Millers DaleBuxton to Millers Dale

For this expedition a completely new route (for us) was planned from Buxton to Millers Dale, via Wye Dale and Chee Dale. Eighteen members (listed in the record book), including Mr and Mrs Mason, Mrs Richardson and Gerald Boardman as leaders, boarded the 8.55am train from Marple and arrived in Buxton at about 10.15am. Here we met three members who'd come via Newton to Buxton.

The party was guided through the town by GB on to the A6 road, and then headed along this road for about ¾ mile when it was decided that a break from the road must be made. Mrs Richardson explored a path up the side of the gorge, and the remainder soon followed.

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