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Willows School Walks 1967 to 1969

1967 to 1969

This category begins in early January 1967 and runs though until February 1969, when the written reports come to an end half way through an exercise book.

Marple Rambing Club was founded in 1967 and Frank was one of the founder members.

Williows Walks 1967 to 1969

7th January 1967

Crookstone Knob & Seal EdgeCrookstone Knob & Seal Edge

At low level the weather was dull and cloudy; cold, with a sprinkling of snow on the ground. Leaving Hope Station we set course across the fields, an approach was made to the Roman Road, and a stop was made at the Cross for food.

From here, in very poor visibility, the way was made to Crookstone Barn and so up to somewhere around Crookstone Knob. The snow was thicker at high levels - in fact in places quite deep - and after leaving the Roman Road visibility became rapidly worse and we found ourselves in a world of whiteness; white snow on the ground and white freezing fog all around us.

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4th February 1967

Blackden Clough & RindBlackden Clough & Rind

The route chosen was from the Snake Road at the foot of Blackden Clough, up Blackden Clough. This was great fun and new country for us. Met a group of older lads about half way up the Clough and had a chat - this was just above the waterfall. The youngsters enjoyed the climb up the waterfall and the steeper and steeper ascent to the top - Blackden Rind - where we stopped for lunch.

The weather had improved a lot and we had lunch in sunshine, though with many heavy clouds around and a bitter wind blowing away from the shelter of the Clough.

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1th March 1967

Torside Clough & Crooked CloughTorside Clough & Crooked Clough

Travelled by Kirkpatrick bus from school, at about 9.20am, to the starting point at Torside Clough (fare of 2/- per pupil was paid)

The weather was chilly and a strong wind was blowing; we were largely sheltered from this as we scrambled up Torside Clough - this was fun. Torside Clough is steep-sided and rocky; the gorge gets deep, narrow and makes exciting and strenuous scrambling towards the upper part, until the steepness eases off towards the summit.

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8th April 1967

Torside CloughTorside Clough

Rain started as we left Marple and continued, with short breaks, throughout the day. Entered cloud at about 1,000ft on the Woodhead road - this gave a foretaste of what we were to endure on this day.

Arrived at the Flouch Inn shortly before 10 o'clock - as it was raining those of us with suitable rain proof clothing donned it. It was disappointing to see how few members carried clothing suitable to protect the body from continuous cold rain. Before the bus left the suggestion was made that those who did not fancy the weather prospects should return with the bus; no one accepted the offer.

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29th April 1967

Rocky Hayfield CircularRocky Hayfield Circular

Special: Rocky Hayfield Circular. This route was laid on so as to avoid expense, as members of the holiday group are saving for the Lakeland expedition.

Leaving Hayfield the usual track was taken to Kinder Reservoir then, after a sit down, we dropped down Horrible Hill to cross the stream and then up the path toward Sandy Heys but, veering off to the right, crossed over the lower part of the rocky section until directly below Sandy Heys, and then climbed straight up.

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30th June 1967

Hope to HayfieldHope to Hayfield

The earliest train from Marple to Hope now leaves at 10.00hrs thus making our arrival at Hope rather late - around 11.00hrs. On arrival at Hope we walked by road into the village for shopping, instead of going by path across the fields. We had some delay in Hope village before setting out along the lane, across some paths, and on to the Roman Road.

The weather at this time was hot and sunny with largely clear sky - so warm that we tended to remove clothing.

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