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Willows School Holiday in Lake District in 1971

Thirty pupils and five adults attended this Willows School YHA holiday to the Lake District during Whitsun of 1971. This page presently only includes a list of participants but it is hoped that extracts from cine film can be added in the future.

Lake District 1971 - Introduction

Area:   Lake District

Dates:   Whitsun holidays (probably 2nd to 12th June 1971)

Hostels:   Dentdale, Helvellyn, High Close.


Peter Booth   Mark Pemberton   Trevor Wild   Judith Wright
John Burgess   Peter Pimlott   John Woodward   Julia Hughes 
Tim Grundy  Nigel Rayner   Gordon Williamson   Wendy Coram 
Michael Herod   David Sanders   John Roberts   Pam Goodwin
Andrew Heys   David Schofield   Margaret Houghton   Lynne Reynolds 
Simon Heys   David Thorpe   Brenda Sutcliffe   Jill Bradley
Paul Hindle   Jonathan Thorpe   Jane Sanders  
David Parker   Phil Watson  Sandra Williamson   


F R Mason
R Fisher
L M Mason (Mrs)
M Walton (Miss)
P Fisher (Mrs)


Per pupil, including all fares and food: £12.50


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