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Saturday 19th September 1964 - Night Ramble


Bill Grundy   Brenda Cauldwell Ian Pollock
Howard Hughes Mike Wright Tim Clifford  
John Boothroyd Jacque' Dawson   Stephen Morris 
David Clough Ann Jones   Terry Allen 
Colin Booth Mike Campion   Simon Jones 
Julian McIntosh C Tucker   Stuart McKinley 
Gregory Leach Robert Hammond    
Vincent Price M Storey    
Ian Hallam John Campion   Leaders 
Mike Lee Carol Ingham   Mr Booth 
Laura Booth Valerie Eccleston   Mr McIntosh 
Lynne Massey Ian Sidebotham   Mr Brownlow 
Gloria Swann Neal Robinson   Tony Mason 
G Horsfall   Jimmy Martin   F R Mason 
Terry Critchlow   John Kenyon    

Assembled at Marple Station to catch the 10.12pm train to Edale. The weather was threatening, with much large broken cloud and some rain; a bright moon broke through occasionally. Had doubts about the advisability of the expedition on account of the weather prospects, but in view of the good turnout had little choice but to press on and hope for improvement.

On arrival at Edale the weather was much the same but, despite the cloud, we could see by moonlight.

Warned the party to proceed quietly through the village, but failed to instruct them to keep close to the side of the road; had a mild altercation with the local constable who asserted that the party obstructed the road. This was at 11 o'clock at night in a remote country village. However we parted with a handshake on good terms.

Continued over Grindsbrook Meadows and up the Clough, with intermittent periods of rain, cloudiness and bright moon. Enjoyed the scramble up Grindsbrook, with several short stops and a major break at the top for eats. During the supper stop, clouds descended and a heavy shower fell.

Did not see the moon again during the crossing to Kinder Downfall, most of which was done on compass course with Tony navigating. The bog was mild due to a long dry spell. We did get a short clearance just before reaching Kinder River and could see rocky landmarks ahead. Some of us separated from the navigator (with compass) by about 100yds during this break, but made a quick scurry to rejoin them as the mist descended again. Joined Kinder River at the Rock Gate as planned, and continued to the Downfall.

There was no point in dallying at the Downfall as nothing could be seen due to thick cloud, so we crossed the river, clambered up the rocks and pressed on along the ‘path' towards Sandy Hey and the rocky corner where one can descend fairly safely in the dark to the reservoir.

Two girls succeeded in falling off a rock near the Downfall, but fortunately only dropped about 6 - 8 ft, landing in a bundle without sustaining any injury. Could have been a disaster, but the two lasses did not realise this.

The path on this stretch is difficult to follow and once or twice we had to check by compass. At one stage the cloud lifted slightly and beneath it, like an eerie vision, we could see the bright lights of the distant towns seeming to our eyes, accustomed to the fog, to be only a mile or so away. Then the fog closed in again.

By this time we were a bit wet. We missed the path down to the reservoir and climbed the boundary wall, before fully realising the mistake - then followed the wall to the ford. By this time many people were very tired.

Stopped again at the top of Horrible Hill, then pressed on to Carr Meadow - Vincent Price showed up well on this leg, walking steadily and sure footed with very little light.

At the turn off for Lantern Pike and Rowarth Stuart McKinley complained of severe stomach pain; Mr Brownslow, Tony and David escorted him to Hayfield. The rest of us pressed on through rain to Rowarth and Mellor, the party breaking up as odd bodies took short routes to their homes.

The leader escorted the main body to the Royal Oak, Mellor. Here Mr Booth took over guiding them over the ‘Lakes' route to Marple. Mr McIntosh had become disengaged at Carr Meadow and (it transpired) his group found their way into Hayfield where they met up with Mr Brownslow's sub-group. Mr McKinley motored out to Hayfield and collected this party; were met by leader in Mellor at about 8 o'clock.

Most people got very wet, particularly during the stage from Carr Meadow when rain was more or less continuous. Double trousers and two woollies give good protection from wet and cold.

A disappointing night - the Friday night and the Sunday night were both beautiful, bright and clear. Only Saturday night was wet.

The following photos were taken during 1964 but are not necessarily linked to this walk:

WW1964-001 Caption required
WW1964-001 Caption required

WW1964-003 Caption required
WW1964-003 Caption required

WW1964-004 How to descent a grough
WW1964-004 How to descent a grough

WW1964-005 Grough jumpting
WW1964-005 Grough jumpting

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