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Arran 1964

Willows School Holiday in Arran in 1964

Thirty-five pupils, including two from Marple Hall and one ex, plus three adults attended the second Willows School YHA holiday to the Isle of Arran. One of the adults went as 'cook' and three pupils were designated as 'Junior Leaders'. Unfortunately we only have one photo from this trip - of Frank lighting his pipe - and a list participants in the holiday.

Arran 1964 - Introduction

Area:   Arran

Dates:   Whitsun Holidays

Hostels:   Brodick, Whiting Bay, Lochranza.


Harry Darnley   Ian Sidebotham   Julian McIntosh (MH)  Jackie Leach 
Nicky James   Derek Horton   David Garside (ex)    Sandra Mills
David Clough   John Boothroyd   David Seddon (JL)  Joyce Sunter 
Colin Booth   Stephen Morris   Michael Campion   Paula Friend 
Colin Rowlatt   Jimmy Fox   Bill Howkins (JL)  Barbie Simpson (MH)
Stephen Harwood Howard Hughes Bill Grundy   Laura Booth 
Ian Pollock Graham Renshaw Neal Robinson   Anne Yarwood (JL)
Neil McClelland   Terry Atherton   Norman Hill   Beryl Goodale 
Steven Webb   Pat Shaw     Jean Stafford 

MH = Marple Hall JL = Junior Leader


Mr F R Mason
Mr Friend
Mrs Friend (as 'cook')


Per pupil, including all fares and food: £7-10s -0d
Total cost of holiday for 38 persons: £307-10s-7d

This photo of Franks Mason was taken during the 1964 holiday to Arran:

WH1964-001 Frank Mason lighting his pipe during the 1964 holiday
WH1964-001 Frank Mason lighting his pipe during the 1964 holiday

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