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Marple HallMarple Hall is probably Marple's greatest historical loss. If it had survived a few more years it may have become a tourist attraction like Bramhall Hall but sadly that was not to be and all we can do today is speculate what might have been. However, at least you can at least take a Guided Tour of the hall through these pages and learn something about the incredible history that helped shape the community we live in today and discover a few relics that people managed to save.

Marple Hall Rear Entrance Door

Marple Hall rear entrance door traced to Romiley

The rear entrance of Marple Hall as it may have looked

It's over 20 years since I was contacted about the Shutters from Marple Hall as a result of the history articles about the hall on the web site. There have been quite a few discoveries in the intervening years but nothing new for quite some time. So it was very exciting to receive a message from Woodley based Builder and Property Developer Allan Walker just a few days ago....

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John Bradshawe

John Bradshawe: Marple's Most Famous Son...

John Bradshawe's PlaqueJohn Bradshawe was probably born at 'The Place', later known as Peace Farm, which was located on the site of the Co-Op Service Station, at the corner of Stockport Road and Church Lane. The blue heritage plaque on the wall of the shop to commemorate it as the site of his birth is the only public tribute to a man who, for a period, held the highest office in the land.

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The Strange Haunting of Marple Hall

The Strange Haunting of Marple HallThe Strange Haunting of Marple Hall and the family who lived there

The Marple Website and Marple Local History Society are delighted to have been able to help author Steve Cliffe by providing many of the wonderful images used in a new book about Marple Hall from the Virtual History Tour of Marple.

"The Tour" is a long-term collaboration between the web site and the society. It contains over 200 images relating to the hall and, at the time of writing, almost 14,000 local images in total that have been viewed nearly 4.5 million times.

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