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Saturday 22nd July 1967 - Malham

The following members joined an expedition to Malham:

Paul Mallett   Michael Fox   Kevin Perkins  Paul Andrew
Julie Flunder   Philip Towell  Graham Booth F R Mason 
Noel Flunder Jean Crossley  Nick Hassall L M Mason 
John Durham   Mary Boothroyd  Andrew Hill   T F Mason 
Bill Grundy  Hilary Andrew   Geoff Price  R Booth 
Andrew Mason  Andrew Howie   David Lambert   Mr Mallett 
Maurice Kime  Eric Crossley   Andrew Barwell   Gabriella
Graham Davenport   Ian Ealey   Stephen Nightingale    
Neil Crawford   Helen Jones   Peter Booth  
Chris Gorman   Dennis Fitzpatrick   Robert Brown  

The bus left school at about 8.20am and picked up extra members at Marple Bridge, making a total of 37 (fare paid was 7/6 per pupil). After a good journey, Malham village was reached at about 11.00am and, after a short preparatory period, a start was made along the lane toward Gordale Scar.

The weather was excellent - the sky had been cloudless earlier but, as was to be expected, there was plenty of cumulus by midday. However there was practically continuous sunshine throughout the day.

WW1967-002 Gordale Scar
WW1967-002 Gordale Scar

There were a large proportion of 1st year members with us, and too many of these were ‘rush aheads', anxious to get first to the next major place of interest. Gordale Scar was soon reached; there was little water in the stream and the scramble to the top was made without difficulty or incident. The several routes up the fall seem to have got much easier - maybe due to frequent use, many easy foot and hand holds have been worn in the rock. Again the high speed merchants were far ahead of the main party.

At the top of Gordale Scar we stopped for lunch and a longish play around - we stayed the best part of an hour. Several of the lads seemed to get into rather dangerous positions and to be somewhat careless as to safety when near to precipitous edges, however it was not quite necessary to check anyone on this score. Mr Mallett was busy sketching.

Twice during this stop it was necessary to check folk for large stone throwing; a little talk was given on the need for complying with the rules of the Country Code and the National Parks.

WW1967-003 Down dry river to Malham
WW1967-003 Down dry river to Malham

We pressed on up the valley enjoying ourselves, but with no incidents calling for special comment; several short stops were made to look around and play about a bit. A longer stop was made when the X roads near Malham Tarn were reached. After a short break here we pushed on along the road, to turn left into the fields and so to the sink holes. All the water (there was little of it) was swallowed up in the first sink.

After this we ambled on, still irritated a little by the ‘hurriers', into the narrowing gorge until we reached the sudden drop into the deeper valley; another halt was made here to scramble around, climb the limestone and examine the few little caves. On this length we had a false alarm of an accident - some foolish lad pretending to be hurt. We did not find the culprit, but Tony certainly read them the riot act.

No one was permitted to descend by the gulley - we decided it was too dangerous. Everyone descended by the little cliff path, which is exciting enough in itself. A few lads attempted to climb up the gulley, but none got more than half way. After a while we moved on again along the valley toward Malham Cove, with one odd stop to examine a small cave.

WW1967-004 The dry river to Malham
WW1967-004 The dry river to Malham

Then, finally, over the clints (the blocks of limestone pavement) to the lip of the cliff. After sitting for a while enjoying the view and wondering over the beauty of it all, we split into two groups and made our ways to the foot of the cliff; again we suffered from those irritating bodies who must rush ahead. At the bottom we played around a bit and collected a few tins and hid them out of sight.

Then, following the field paths and the road, we completed the final mile into the village by about 5.0pm and, after ices and drinks, boarded the bus and set off for Marple, arriving about 8 o'clock.

When we were at Gordale several boys collected, squashed and buried about twenty empty ‘pop' cans. Must endeavour to stop the business of rushing ahead regardless of leader's instructions.

A successful and enjoyable day.

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