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Other Walks 1967 - 1969

Sometimes Frank Mason's notes for a walk are very short and there is not enough information to create a full web page. The notes for these walks between 1967 to 1969 are combined together in this single article.

Sunday 15th January 1967 - Public Ramble

Route: Edale, Ringing Roger, across to Seal Edge, along to Blackden Edge, and so to Fairbrook Head, then on course to Kinder Brook near Kinder Gate, Downfall, Sandy Heys, Nab Brow, Hayfield.

Good weather, mainly fine. The party seemed to enjoy this pretty strenuous route. Met wardens on Blackden Edge - trailed us to Kinder Brook and had another chat.

Fair number of people at the Downfall - but nothing to report. Our own party included a small boy with shorts. Parents were present and had long trousers for him. An adult with shorts had rainproof slacks in rucksack. In general clothing suitable, footwear suitable.

19th March 1967 - Peak Park Patrol

Peak Park Patrol from Glossop Centre. R/A Members Group E (deputising for C Grp). F R Mason, Ron Booth, Julian McIntosh, Colin Booth, Jim Mulligan, Tom Buxton. Jim and Tom were joined with another Warden on one patrol.

Remainder patrolled Spring Cabin, Shelf Ledges, Wain Stones, Wild Boar Clough, Northern Edges, Old Quarry Road. Report submitted with Glossop Centre report for the day.

Wednesday 19th July 1967 - Stanage Edge

Small rock climbing expedition to Stanage Edge. Andrew Mason, Geoff Price, F R Mason as pupils and Tony (Mason) and Roy (Fisher) as instructors. The weather was shocking as we left Marple, but it improved steadily and we enjoyed beautiful weather at Stanage.

At Stanage we had several climbs suitable for the beginners, under the leadership of either Tony or Roy. Finally our two leaders had a climb more suited to their ability. This took some time so that it was after 10 o'clock when we left the Edge, and well after 11 o'clock when we finally got back to Marple. Tony returned solo and arrived home about half an hour before Mr M. A successful evening.

A few other climbers were met and there were about a dozen cars parked at the road junction. Some litter - mainly empty cans - was found around the foot of the rocks.

Thursday 27th July 1967 - Stanage Edge

With Roy Fisher and Tony (Mason) as instructors, F R Mason officially i/c (in charge), Roy Kennedy as guest, and Andrew Mason, Bill Grundy and Nick Grundy, a trip was made to Stanage Edge for a little climbing.

A very pleasant evening was enjoyed - climbs done by at least part of the group were Flying Buttress , ..... and ...... When almost dark we all ‘abseiled' down, collected gear, and returned to the cars. Tony led the way home in his little Austin, which really showed its paces - goes very well.

There was a little litter around the foot of the rocks. No other climbers were seen and only a few cars. The weather was generally cloudy, but managed to keep fine.

Wednesday 2nd August 1967 - Stanage Edge

Rock climbing at Stanage. Roy (Kennedy), Tony (Mason), Roy Fisher, Andrew (Mason), Bill (Grundy), Nick (Grundy) and self. A good evening with several good climbs. Some other climbers. Weather kept fine.

Wednesday 6th September 1967 - Windgather Rocks

Climbing at Windgather. Julian (McIntosh), Andrew (Mason), Self. Good fun finding our way around. Three other climbers arrived just before dark.

Sunday 16th September 1967 - Windgather Rocks

Roy (Fisher), Andrew (Mason), Julian (McIntosh), Bill (Grundy), Self. Climbing at Windgather. Did better under Roy's expert instruction. All made an effort at the quarry traverse with various degrees of success.

Saturday 27th April 1968 - Signposting

Signposting: 1. Cloughend, Mellor; 2 at Cartleshaw Moor

Transport by John Critchlow - who also gave considerable help with the work party. John Critchlow senior and junior, F R Mason, Ron Booth, Dave Stafford, Dan McGookin.

Weather a bit cold and windy, with threat of rain.

Wednesday 1st May 1968 - Windgather Rocks

F R Mason, Julian McIntosh, Julie Flunder, David Stafford.

Climbing at Windgather. First time out since foot and mouth epidemic. Have forgotten a lot. Julian is the expert.

Monday 6th May 1968 - Signposting

F R Mason, David Stafford. Erected 1 SP (signpost) at Knowle Road, Mellor - single arm to Cown Edge.

Wednesday 8th May 1968 - Windgather Rocks

Climbing at Windgather. F R Mason, Julian McIntosh, Dave Stafford, Brian Stafford. Cold, but successful evening. Met friend from last year's training course - also with school party.

Saturday 11th May 1968 - Signposting

John Critchlow, senior and junior, provided transport for post to Wilmslow area. F R Mason, L M Mason, Dave Stafford, Brian Stafford as working party.

Two replacements erected on the Wilmslow / Alderley Edge path.

Wednesday 29th May 1968 - Stanage

Climbing at Stanage in the evening. LM Mason, for the ride and short walk, FR Mason, Chris Gorman, David, Brian and Phil Stafford.

Managed two climbs each, one up a fairly easy chimney - FRM has done this one several times before; and one easier one which FRM brought himself to lead. Hope this is a simple beginning. A pleasant evening.

Tuesday 26th June 1968 - Cramford

Cramford Trip:

Phil McFall  David Taylor  Sylvia Fitzpatrick  McGowan 
Dave Stafford   Mike Burns   C Rhodes   Geoffrey Moss 
David Ashley   Alan Conberley   Harper  Maurice Kime 
Jack Henderson  Steven Kirk   Lesley Hey   Donald Hallam 
Mike Ash   Ian Taylor  Durant Birks 
Ken Parkinson   Steven Knight   Shaw   Barrie Oswell 
Mark Rawlinson   Neil May  Ian Weston  Peter Bryan
Jeremy Clifford   Philip Towell   Michael Hurtley   Michael Pickford 
John Renauprez   Philip Woodhouse   Brown  Graham Davenport
Ken Wayling   Dan McGookin   Christian  
Barry Hewitt  Ian Ellison  Bennett   

(No details found, only the above list of names in the ‘name book' with date and destination; the fare for this trip was 5/-, ie five shillings or 25p)

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