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12th August 1965 - Night walk from Hayfield

Night walk - Hayfield, Mt Famine, by South Head, near Edale Cross, Kinder Low, Kinder Downfall, Head of William Clough, Kinder Res'r, Carr Meadow, Rowarth, Mellor.

Those taking part were: -

John Durham   Valerie Maxey   Tim Clifford 
Frank Frost   Eric Crossley   Leader: F R Mason 
Janice Howard   Julie Flunder   
Stephen Morris   Linda Adlem   

A fine moonlit night (near to full moon) - we walked out of Hayfield along the usual track, and forked across the fields to the steep climb to the summit of Mount Famine, where we stayed awhile. Despite the fine weather, it was cold with half a gale blowing.

Descended from Mount Famine to rejoin the main track, skirted South Head, and wended our way across the long, barren stretch of moorland to cross the Edale-Hayfield track near Edale Cross. We had a short break on this leg, and another at Edale Cross, but decided to push on to the Downfall before having our main ‘eats'.

WW1963-007 An image from 1963
WW1963-007 An image from 1963

From Edale Cross climbed towards Kinder Low and scrambled over bog and the mass of enormous rocks on our way to the Downfall. By this time the sky was partially covered by a thin layer of cloud, which sometimes scudded close past us, obscuring our vision.

Several members of the party were finding the distance rather much and were anxious to reach the Downfall. Finally reached the Downfall, after giving much encouragement to some of the youngsters - had our main meal, but did not dally long as a very cold wind was blowing.

Contemplated making our way down the side of the Downfall, but decided this to be inadvisable in the dark and with several not very well shod members. Pressed on along the Edge towards the head of William Clough. On the point above Kinder Reservoir a full gale was blowing - so strong one could scarcely stand against it.

Finally dropped to the gentle slopes at the top of William Clough; here it was calm and warm and we rested and played for some time. Then on down William Clough, to see the first signs of dawn as we waited near Kinder Reservoir.

From this point, in growing daylight, we continued to Carr Meadow, over the flank of Lantern Pike to Rowarth, and so to Mellor - a long and very successful night ramble.

The party broke up towards Mellor as separate smaller groups chose their shortest and most convenient routes home.

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