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2018 Marple Poppy Appeal Record Total!

The final counting is completed and the 2018 Marple Poppy Appeal has raised an amazing record total of £22,129.37. Very well done to organisers Kevin Murray, Mike Openshaw and Ron Townley plus everyone who helped in many different ways.

This year has been an extra special year for the Marple Poppy Appeal!

The War Memorial in Marple Memorial Park

It was, of course, the centenary of the end of WW1 and during that conflict Marple and the local areas lost 198 brave young men who died serving their country. In their honour we put up 198 street poppies, each individually naming one of the men and the month and year in which they fell. There is a short film about this at the bottom of the page.

In addition, we also launched our “Who was I” campaign, which encouraged local people to find out a little bit more about these men. This was extremely successful and particularly popular with the local schools.

The Society of Marple Artists created a Remembrance Art Exhibition in Marple Library during the first week of November and the paintings on show were of the highest quality, many of which were bought by visitors to the exhibition.

This year’s poppy appeal has been very demanding with all the various things going on but the response from the general public and local businesses has been overwhelming and we, as an organising team, have been staggered by their generosity.

Today during counting we have reached a very poignant figure of £19,800, which is very emotional as it relates so perfectly with the 198 men we have honoured this year.

We are still in the last throes of counting so the final figure will be slightly higher, but we would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all the volunteers, local businesses and the general public for their enthusiasm, endeavour and willingness to be a part of this so worthy campaign and proving yet again that the people of Marple, Marple Bridge, Compstall and Mellor are extra special indeed.

Our sincere and heartfelt best wishes go out to you all.

Thank You

Kevin Murray, Mike Openshaw and Ron Townley
Poppy Appeal Organisers
Marple, Marple Bridge, Compstall and Mellor

198 Street Poppies

198 local men from Marple, Marple Bridge, Mellor, Compstall and High Lane lost their lives serving their country during WWI and so this year, the 100th anniversary of its end, the Marple Poppy Appeal Team put up 198 Street Poppies on lampposts throughout the area in their memory. All Street Poppies will carried individual names, which we believe may be unique to Marple.

Street Poppies in Marple Memorial ParkAbove: Street Poppies in Marple Memorial Park

The Friends of Marple Memorial Park erected 20 poppies commemorating men with links to the park - mainly the Carver family and men who worked at Hollins Mill before going to war. Other volunteers, including Marple Firefighters, erected poppies in the main streets of the area. Throughout the district, poppies commemorating the men appeared on lampposts close to the area where they lived or worked.

This follows on from the success of last year's campaign, when 46 Street Poppies were erected on local lampposts to commemorate the men killed in 1917. This inspired Stockport Council to promote the idea across the borough for 2018 and this year Marple Area Committee are kindly supporting our efforts to commemorate the loss of men throughout the District of Marple.

As last year, local businesses and individuals sponsored these Street Poppy tributes.

2018 Street Poppy sponsors

The Marple Website is proud to be one of the first Street Poppy sponsors with a donation of £50 towards the Marple Poppy Appeal. Here is a full list of sponsors known to date: 

Abstract Roofing, ACM Financial Services, Asda, Beer Traders, Bishop and Co, Brabyns Preparatory School, Compstall Community Council, Compstall Cricket Club, Devonshire Arms, Edward Mellor Estate Agents, Etherow Sailing Club, Foragin, GHS Barbers, Greenhalghs Bakers, Hare and Hounds Marple, Hare and Hounds Millbrow, Helen Winterson, High Lane Garage, Hollins Building Supplies, Inkbox, KME Design, Little Treasures, Littlewoods Butchers, Marple Area Committee, Marple Bridge Association, Marple Business Forum, Marple Conservative Club, Marple Health, Marple Social and Forces Club, Marple Tavern, Marple Website, MPS Construction, No 48, One Bell Business Mobiles, Refresh Marple, Ring o' Bells, Seven Creative Movies, Sherlocks Hairdressers, Stationery Supplies, The Andrew Arms, The Bulls Head, The Carver Theatre, The Crown, The Marple Review, The Norfolk, The Northumberland, The Oddfellows, The Railway pub, The Regent Cinema, The Royal Oak, The Royal Scot, The Samuel Oldknow, The Spring Gardens, The Windsor Castle, The Works, Wyevale Garden Centre.

Thank you to all these community minded local businesses and organisations!

Who was !? CampaignWho was I? Campaign

In addition we started a new campaign called “Who was I?” to encourage local people to find out a little bit about these men. There were “Who was I?” cards available in various locations each with the name of one of the above men. Inside there are a few simple questions for you to research. The answers to these may be found on the Friends of the Park's inspirational “Time Line” in Marple Memorial Park, from the book "Remembered" available in the Heritage Section of Marple Library, or on the web site More Than a Name, which gives details about WWI soldiers lost across Stockport.

The aim is to help people understand that these men are not just names on a monument in the park. They are a vital link to the history of the Marple area and the “Who was I?” campaign will hopefully provide a simple opportunity to connect with the past and maybe learn something special about the men and their association with the Marple area.

We hope this was a thought-provoking activity and a great educational opportunity for local schools, to do on your own or with friends and family.

Remembrance Art Exhibition

As well as the above we arranged a Remembrance Art Exhibition, which The Society of Marple Artists kindly agreed to support. The exhibition was held in Marple Library during the first week of November and admission was free.

We are confident that the art on show was thought provoking; well worth seeing and not to be missed.

Framed print commemorating local men who lost their lives during WW1

To commemorate the 198 local men lost their lives in WW1 the Marple Poppy Appeal Team produced an A4 framed print containing 198 poppies showing the names and year when each man fell. They asked for a minimum donation of only £10. A larger version was also available for minimum donation of £30.

Framed print commemorating local men who lost their lives during WW1

2018 Marple Poppy Appeal Film

How to get in touch

If you would like more information about the Street Poppies, Who was I? Campaign, The Remembrance Art Exhibition, Poppy Wreaths or Volunteering please contact The Marple Poppy Appeal Team via:

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