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Saturday 20th July 1968 - Buxton to Whaley Bridge

The following members travelled by train to Buxton to carry out the Buxton - Whaley Bridge route:

Andrew Hill   Hilary Andrew   Beverley Stubbs   Ann Crossley
Graham Davenport   Alan Burrett   Dave Stopford   Mrs Crossley
Brenda Sutcliffe   Trevor Wild   Chris Gorman   FR Mason 
Julie Flunder   Daniel McGookin   David Taylor   
Helen Jones   Paul Andrew   Paul Tatton   
Mary Boothroyd   Dilys Robbins   Jean Crossley   

This was a simple route carried out mainly for the purpose of viewing the new Goyt Reservoir. We arrived at Buxton in dull weather and commenced the long road trek before branching off right to move up a steepish track to open country. At the top of the hill rain started, but did not persist. After donning our rain-proofs we pressed on along the path, dropping gently down to the Goyt stream.

WW1962-023 an image from 1962
WW1962-023 an image from 1962

On this path a stop was made for lunch before continuing down to the footbridge and across the road. From here a devious route was followed, roughly parallel with the road, as far as the waterfall, where we stopped for some time to scramble around. Then, continuing, we crossed the road again, but finally got onto the road and followed it as far as the new dam, crossed the dam, and moved alongside the Fernilee Reservoir to the old dam.

Dropping down from the dam, the usual path was followed through the woods to Taxal, and so finally into Whaley Bridge. Rain fell heavily on this stretch and we donned our rain-proofs hurriedly after crossing the field between the woods and Taxal.

A pleasant day - not exciting, but enjoyed by all. Arrived at Whaley Bridge just in time for the train, and the same at New Mills.

Repeated with RA next day, but with diversion around Erwood Hall - this proved a much better route. Also travelled along the LH (left hand) side of Fernilee Reservoir - this is better than the simple track on the A6 side.

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