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Open Gardens: Rose Hill Zone

Rose Hill Zone

The Rose Hill Zone features 5 Open Gardens. The nearest public car park is at Rose Hill Station and there is also parking available on the road leading to the Recycling Centre. The nearest participating refreshments outlet is the Railway Public House (open from 11.45am Saturday and Sunday, food served from 12 noon) where you can buy a drink, a meal or use the toilets.

If you park on local streets please do so considerately: do not block pavements, driveways or roads.

Via the Main Map you can obtain directions from one garden or location to another or from any postcode to any location with a pin on the map. Use this to find your way to Marple.

RH1 - 35 Claremont Avenue, SK6 6JE:  Refreshments may be available

A suburban garden with a tranquil atmosphere despite being close to Stockport Road

35 Claremont Avenue

Our south-facing suburban garden has evolved from a fairly blank canvas during the 41 years that we have lived and gardened here. It has a sunny aspect but there is plenty of shade provided by two mature apple trees, ornamental trees and and mature trees ‘borrowed’ from neighbouring gardens.

The planting is relaxed and informal and includes perennials, both sun and shade lovers, roses, clematis and flowering shrubs as well as collections of potted hostas and agapanthus. Additional colour is provided by hanging baskets and potted tubs.

The garden has a tranquil atmosphere even though we are close to Stockport Road. Come and enjoy tea and cake on our lawn or patio.

RH2 - 15 Stuart Avenue, SK6 6JX:  Partially accessible to wheelchairs

Corner plot packed with small trees, shrubs, bulbs, plants and pots to give year-round interest.

15 Stuart Avenue

The garden is situated in the corner plot of the cul-de-sac. It is southwest facing with an open aspect and yet with a secluded feel.

It is packed with small trees, shrubs and bulbs, with many perennials in the herbaceous border and alpine plants in the rockery. Many more plant have to be in pots because of the owner’s impulsive buying!

There are a few raised beds for growing vegetables and a variety of soft fruits.

The northeast-facing front garden has been paved over and here a collection of hostas are growing in the pots.

The garden has year-round interest and colour.

Parking: Please park on Marple Hall Drive and walk to Stuart Avenue as there is limited access for vehicles and turning in the cul-de-sac.

RH3 - 1 Nab Lane, SK6 6NW:  Partially accessible to wheelchairs  Refreshments may be available

Wildlife and child-friendly garden with lovely views and a woodland dedicated to Pooh Bear.

1 Nab Lane

This large garden extends to half an acre and contains many splendid mature trees as well as having a lovely view down the Etherow Valley.

Sadly, the Spring display of rhododendrons and azaleas will be over, but should be replaced by the hydrangeas.

Friendly to wildlife and to children, a surprise in the far corner is a small secluded wood devoted to Pooh Bear and his friends. This is guarded by a large dog but don’t worry – he’s made of stone!

The front path is edged with acers and clipped box while in the back garden, the large lawns are edged with well-stocked beds and dotted with seats.

Do join us for a rest and a cuppa! We will also be doing Art in the Garden and selling copies of Marple Through the Alphabet with all proceeds to Cancer Research UK.

Parking: Vehicle access on Nab Lane and the Dale Road approach to it is very restricted. It is recommended that you leave your car near to 59 Dale Road, which is the nearest Open Garden to us, and walk the rest of the way. It's quite a pleasant stroll!

RH4 - 59 Dale Road, SK6 6NF:

'Half a garden' featuring two ponds with Koi and goldfish, raised vegetable beds and a rockery.

59 Dale Road

We call it ‘Half a garden’ because when we moved into the house in 1970 there was twice the area of the present garden. However, we sold much of this land to four of our neighbours and squared off our garden to its present size in 2000.

We then added a second, larger pond which contains Koi carp and goldfish that have now grown from three inches to their present size. Four raised beds for vegetables were added, and a large rockery was made with the surplus clay from the pond excavations.

Above the pond, two terraces were developed, the larger lower one bounded by a greenhouse. The beds surrounding the lawn contain a mixture of flowers, shrubs, trees and stonework.

RH5 - 73 Bowden Lane, SK6 6ND:

A 'brand new' remodelled garden on an old site that is evolving into a labour of love.

73 Bowden Lane

Built in 1929, the house had had only two owners before we moved in less than three years ago. At that time, the house was unfinished and the garden a pile of rubble.

The garden had previously been split-level with the lower part regularly flooding, particularly since the school rebuild. So work began by raising the whole garden by ¾ of a metre using some of the building rubble and tons of topsoil to try to prevent future flooding.

This is therefore a ‘new’ garden - officially only one year old - and is quickly settling in. It now has a magnificent deck, a large modern pond, lawn, raised beds, borders and lots of pots. Some of the plants have been saved and transplanted from the ‘old’ garden, some have been with us for years and many are from cuttings.

The garden is without doubt a work in progress and most definitely a labour of love and I am sure it will be evolving and changing constantly over the coming years.


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