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Open Gardens: Marple Centre Zone

Marple Centre Zone

The Marple Centre Zone features 6 Open Gardens plus Marple Memorial Park. There are 5 public car parks in the town centre, including the one in Memorial Park. Parking fees are charged on Saturdays but it's free on Sundays. The nearest participating refreshments outlet is the Navigation at Lock 13 (open from 11.00am and food served from 12 noon both days), where you can buy a drink, a meal or use the toilets. There are also many other available food and drink outlets in Marple Town Centre. Most will be open on Saturday but fewer on Sunday.

If you park on local streets please do so considerately: do not block pavements, driveways or roads.

There are public toilets in Marple Memorial Park and there are also toilets in Asda that include disabled facilities. Costa Coffee (near to the park entrance) is part of the Community Toilet scheme, which means that you are allowed to use their toilets, including disable facilities, without making a purchase.

Friends of Marple Memorial Park will be in the park on both days selling Open Gardens tickets, acting as an information centre and raising extra funds for Cancer Research UK. You can also visit the glorious garden flowerbeds maintained by the group's dedicated volunteers.

Via the Main Map you can obtain directions from one garden or location to another or from any postcode to any location with a pin on the map. Use this to find your way to Marple.

MC1 - 5 Winnington Road, SK6 6PD:  Partially accessible to wheelchairs  Refreshments may be available

A triangular garden with protected mature trees created by the heart rather than the head.

5 Winnington Road

This 1/3 acre, triangular plot is perimetered by arguably the longest hedge in Marple!

It hosts protected mature trees which stand in what was originally part of the Brabyn’s estate.

At the end of the bordered front lawn sits a summerhouse, which hides a secret rock garden.

A rose and honeysuckle-clad arch leads to a lily pond crossed by a bridge inspired by a trip to Monet’s garden.

A path from the bordered rear lawn leads to a secluded patio area where the owners eat al fresco when the weather permits.

This garden has evolved over the last forty years rather than being a product of a grand master plan. It has been gardened by the heart rather than the head.

MC2 - 22 St. Martin's Road, SK6 7BY:  Partially accessible to wheelchairs  Refreshments may be available

A garden that's been called 'Quirky' painted with plants to achieve all-year-round colour.

22 St. Martin's Road

When we built our bungalow 44 years ago, little did we envisage the evolution of our garden from a neglected orchard, to clay heaps from the footings and eventually to the tranquil, well-loved haven of today.

All year colour and interest is my aim, from the balcony boxes and rockery, to informal beds and lawns and a little home-made topiary.

Painting with plants is my way of explaining our constantly evolving garden, as the mood takes me and our energy lasts.

‘Quirky’ is a word recently used for our efforts – maybe you will agree.

A warm welcome is extended to join us on the patio.

Marple Memorial Park, SK6 6BB:  Partially accessible to wheelchairs

Marple's glorious town centre park with flowerbeds maintained by local volunteers.

Marple Memorial Park

The land for Marple Memorial Park was given in Memory of the men of Marple who fell in the Great War 1914 - 1918 and the laying-out was done by Public Subscription. The park was formally opened on 22 July 1922 with a Dedication Ceremony and Historical Pageant attended by thousands.

Friends of Marple Memorial Park began helping to look after the park in 2003. In 2011 the group learned that the council were planning to grass-over the flowerbeds to save money and stepped-up to save them. Their volunteers now maintain all the fabulous flowerbeds, shrub beds, borders and benches in the park on their own.

The group has also led many successful projects to improve the park's facilities and will be delighted to chat to Open Garden visitors about their activities.

On Saturday and Sunday there will be a stall in the park for ticket sales and information. There are also public toilets in the park.

MC3 - 92 Stockport Road, SK6 6AH:

Small walled town centre garden jam-packed with fabulous trees, plants and bamboos.

92 Stockport Road

In the dappled shade of a mature walnut tree you'll be greeted by a small walled garden containing a fabulous collection of Japanese acers, hostas, heucheras, iris, cannas and a tree fern.

Climbing the surrounding walls you'll view combinations of clematis and climbing roses. 

Follow the garden path and you'll soon discover the cottage garden flowers in bloom, all with a backdrop of golden bamboo. 

Heading towards the bottom of the garden, make sure you don’t miss the jasmine, clematis and wisteria climbing the fence.

Finally, at the end of the garden there are more decorative acers with bamboo and a collection of Mediterranean standard plants.

MC4 - 35 Hollins Green Road, SK6 6AN:

Small hidden potager garden growing vegetables and fruit fit to feed a family.

35 Hollins Green Road

To the front, this garden looks just like your everyday suburban lawn and borders, but if you stroll down the passageway and enter through the side gate to the rear of the property, you will discover a small hidden potager.

What was once lawn has now given way to over a dozen varied vegetable beds.

Along the borders, soft fruit, clematis and roses grow, while the wooden planters include onions and potatoes, cauliflower and sweet corn and many other vegetables, fit to feed a family!

Across the patio a small cherry tree sits centrally in a small lawn, with a border of acers, salix, buddleia and camellia.

MC5 - 59 Hollins Lane, SK6 6AW:  Refreshments may be available

A 'cottage garden' that's been constantly evolving and changing since 1980.

59 Hollins Lane

We moved here in 1980. The first job in this small suburban garden was to move stones and lovely topsoil from a large rockery at the side of the house to create a driveway. Ever since I have been moving that soil and those stones from one place to another as the garden developed.  

Winter 2017/18 saw major upheaval as part of the boundary wall was rebuilt, borders were cleared and the lawn became a repository for stone from the wall. After months of rain and bitter cold, would I ever get that border replanted?

Visit and see where the soil is now - is there a lawn, are there any plants? There may even be some for sale!

Garden Style? Probably cottage garden as I attempt to hide every inch of that soil from sight!  

Teas next door.

MC6 - 5 Manor Hill Road, SK6 6LP:  Partially accessible to wheelchairs

A garden sometimes described as 'chaotic', where nature is often allowed to take over.

5 Manor Hill Road

Visitors comment on the varied displays in our garden and its somewhat ‘chaotic’ appearance!

It does not start out that way as beds and displays are planned but nature takes over with self-seeding plants, others need splitting, we rescue plants, receive gifts and Gardeners’ World comes up with suggestions.

The garden occupies a large corner plot that wraps all round the house, and the many island beds and large range of planting add to its cottage-garden feel.

We hope there will be something for everyone and that visitors will leave with smiling faces!


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