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The Brass Bands of Marple

Address: Memorial Park, Station Road
Area: Marple
Town: Stockport
Postcode: SK6 6NY

A home of our own

For over a century the Brass Bands of Marple have played a big role in the community. In fact, Marple has two excellent bands - The Marple Band and Hawk Green Band.

Not only do the band members get a lifelong hobby and the enjoyment of playing wonderful music, they add a richness to the local cultural scene, entertain and support local people and pass on this great legacy to future generations by teaching others - young and not so young.

It has not always been easy to maintain these high ideals and the lack of a Band Headquarters with rehearsal room has, on occasion, brought the organisation to its knees. In an attempt to avert such a disaster in future, the Charles Ingham Bandroom Fund was formed in honour of Charlie Ingham. Charlie died in 1985 after a lifetime's devotion to Marple's bands. It was Charlie's dream that the bands would one day have their own home.

Historic building saved

The new bandroom is the converted Park Keeper's Cottage in Marple Memorial Park. Instead of slowly becoming more and more derelict, this unusual building is being put to use as a vibrant music centre.

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