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Friends of Goyt Mill

Contact Person: Contact via email, social media, phone
Address: Hawk Green Reading Room
Area: Hawk Green
Town: Stockport
Postcode: SK6 7HX
Phone: 07757 547028
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Twitter: @FOGoytMill

Friends of Goyt Mill Heritage has been set up to create opportunities for everyone who knows or wishes to know of Marple’s historic past to enhance other historic organisations and friends associations and clubs through a variety of activities that bring people together, share stories of their experiences and knowledge of Marple including its historic buildings and landmarks whilst highlighting its global and Commonwealth connections.

Goyt Mill

KnowingMe-Knowing You welcomes everyone to our monthly social activities when everyone can come together to share their stories of living in Marple and of its historic landmark Goyt Mill. Come to our friendly, relaxed, happy atmosphere to socialise, chat and laugh, play games, sing, dance, eat and enjoy together whilst sharing and listening to each other’s stories of Goyt Mill. Keep up to date with our events via our social media and Facebook page.

Goyt Mill Goyt Mill

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