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Area: Marple
Town: Stockport
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Making Marple Better Together

Marple Civic Society was formed 60 years ago and has a proud record of achievements. Our vision is to see people coming together from across the community to appreciate Marple's past, see the challenges we face as a town and work towards a great future for all.

We have three key themes:

  • A sustainable future
  • Excellence in planning
  • Promoting heritage

Creating an understanding of how we can achieve a sustainable future for our town and its citizens is now at the heart of the Society's activities. In partnership with other groups and organisations, we will provide information and advice on the actions we can all take to ensure that the social, economic and environmental development of our community is focussed on sustainable goals.

Marple Civic Society

One of the important activities of the Civic Society is to engage with the planning system as it formulates plans which affect our localities and as it takes decisions on planning applications. In Marple this means involvement with the local planning authority, Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council. Our aim is to ‘demystify’ the system for members and the public and to influence its outcomes where appropriate.

The Society has always seen itself as a protector of Marple's heritage. In the past we have worked to save its iconic buildings and engineering works and spaces, work that has largely been done and which we shall continue to do where it is necessary. We intend to extend the idea of heritage to include everyday Marple, being the patchwork of buildings and spaces that we have everywhere inherited in which we all live our lives, to begin to identify what we all value in our experience of Marple.

The Society is affiliated to Civic Voice, a national umbrella group which is heavily involved in seeking improvements to national planning policy.

We rely on our members to sustain our activities and our voice will be more respected where it is known that we represent a large number of Marple people. Will you help us in our work by becoming a member? Please visit our website for more details of current events, latest news and how to join. There is also an enquiry form if you want to get in touch – we look forward to hearing from you!

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